5 Branding Mistakes You Never Want to Make

branding mistakesYour branding can truly make or break you.

Good branding can be what separates you from your competitors, what makes you stand out in your customers’ minds, and what drives repeat sales, repeat business and long-term relationships.

But bad branding? Well, you may as well just say uncle now, and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Unfortunately, good branding isn’t as easy as just creating a cool logo, deciding on some colors and coming up with a catchy motto – not if you want big results, at least.

It’s about creating a persona – a company with values, beliefs and a distinctive voice that customers can believe in and get behind.

Sadly, few companies are able to actually achieve these well-honed personas. Do you want to ensure yours is one of them? Then take care to avoid these all-too-common branding mistakes.

1. Inconsistency

The key to driving home your branding – to making it stick in a customer’s mind – is consistency on all counts. That means your branding on your website, your social media, your brochures, your business cards, and anything and everything in between needs to match to a T. On top of this, you also want consistency in your voice, so you need your entire organization on the same page too. From marketing and sales personnel to C-level executives, every employee needs to know and understand what your brand stands for, what it values and what persona you’re trying to convey. Only through this will your branding come through in all that you do.

2. Not testing

Testing is the key to success with any business strategy, whether it be marketing-related, web-based or, as we’re talking about now, initial branding (or rebranding) of your company. When creating a new or updated brand persona, you always want to test it with your customers – or a segment of your target demo. Does it meet their needs? How does it resonate with them? What do they like or dislike? With this feedback, you can make strategic changes and edits until you hone in on a brand that’s truly effective and exactly what your clients are looking for

3. Failing to rebrand when it’s time

You might have a killer branding suite now, but in 10 years from now? It will likely be stale, tired and outdated. Every few years, it’s important to take a step back and really evaluate your branding from an outside perspective. Does it still speak to your company’s values and services? Is it still in line with today’s design standards and trends? You always want your branding to look crisp, clean and with the times. The biggest way to turn off a customer is to look out of touch!

4. Blending in

You want your brand to be “with it,” but you don’t want it to so on trend it fades into the background with all the rest. Branding should grab attention, be it through color, design or even just the tag line or unique voice of the company. Customers should be able to recognize right away what your brand is about and what makes you special.

5. Breaking from reality

Whatever your branding says, your company needs to deliver. If you have a fun, playful brand persona, but you sell paper through boring cold calls and fax forms, you’re not meeting your customers’ expectations. In fact, they’re probably going to be pretty disappointed once they do business with you! Your products and services need to match the branding you put out – both in personality and in style.

Have you made any of these branding mistakes? Want to make sure your brand is as effective and powerful as it possibly can be? Our branding pros are here to help. Contact the Haley Brand team today to learn more.

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