Aeria Luxury Interiors


  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Naming & verbal branding
  • Identity & design
  • Digital & social media

The Luxury of Experience.

Headquartered in Singapore, ST Aerospace is a global company with more than 7,000 employees around the world and a customer base that includes the world’s advanced military forces, major airlines and leading freight carriers. It needed fast brand development to support a new business two months before a major tradeshow and tapped aviation-marketing experts Haley Brand Aerospace to meet its deadline. AERIA Luxury Interiors – a company whose area of expertise is aerial luxury – was born in only one month. The tagline of “the luxury of experience” supported the years of experience and strong reputations of the senior team.


“We chose Haley Brand because we were comfortable and confident in their abilities. Their immediate impact has been to help us establish the brand and very quickly get it out into the market.” Director of Sales and Marketing for Completions, AERIA
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