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How to Get Your Team Onboard With Branding

Branding isn’t just an external effort. In fact, good branding actually starts on the inside – with your employees.

You see, if your team isn’t fully onboard with your branding, understanding and believing in it fully, then it’s never going to be effective, no matter how many marketing and advertising dollars you pour into it.

Your employees come up with your marketing strategies, they interface with your customers, they sell your products and they update your website and social media. If they don’t understand your branding or subscribe to it, how can they translate it properly to others? More importantly, how can they get others to buy into something that they themselves don’t believe in?

Customers are very intuitive, and they know when they’re being lied to or bluffed. And in this high-tech day and age, people are looking for full transparency. If they get the sense an employee at any point in the sales cycle isn’t fully onboard with the brand, they have no problem jumping ship and finding another company to buy from – even if it means more time and energy is required.

Do you want to make sure your branding is being translated properly? Want to ensure your employees are onboard and promoting that branding as effectively as possible? Here are a few tips to help:

  • Make branding a part of your interviews. If you really want to make sure your team is behind your branding, start from the very beginning – before they’re even hired. Talk to potential employees about what your brand stands for and who it is, and get their feedback on your brand’s persona and values. See if their opinions match up before offering them any sort of permanent employment.
  • Incorporate brand training into your new employee orientations. Don’t just train your employees on the basic processes they need to get through the day, spend time talking to new hires about your organization, what it stands for and what you seek to provide the customer. Show them just what your company is all about, and get them excited about sharing that with the world. That’s where great branding starts.
  • Include your employees in branding and rebranding efforts. When establishing your branding or delving into any rebranding efforts, always include your employees – and not just the C-suite ones, either. Get people from sales, marketing, customer service and every department in your company involved, and make sure you’re looking at the organization as a whole – not just one small part or portion.

Is your team fully onboard with your branding? Do they understand your company values and voice? Do they know how to translate that to the customer? If not, it’s time to make a change. Contact Haley Brand Intelligence today, and we’ll help make your branding efforts more effective across the board.



How to Traverse Today’s Changing Marketing Landscape


Marketing tactics are more diverse than ever. Hyper-targeted and interactive, nearly every method connects directly with the consumers, allowing them to be just one step away from a purchase.

Unlike the days of yore, marketers no longer have a clearly defined role. They don’t just simply create an ad, post it in some predetermined space and wait for consumers to inevitably see it. They have to work for it. They have to seek out customers. They have to find the target buyers and reach them directly.

This can make marketing anything incredibly difficult – whether you sell shoes, software or some sort of service. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ease the pain.

Are you trying to traverse today’s unsteady marketing landscape? Not sure what to pour your money into? Here’s what to do:

  • Power up with data. Learn as much as you can about your customers – their buying habits, their interests and finances, and more. Use this data to segment your efforts into the most granular level you can. You want to deliver a message that is targeted as much as possible, so you really speak to each customer’s individual needs and wants.
  • Forget keeping your marketing department in silos. Your web team shouldn’t be working separately from your print folks or your cold-calling sales reps. Integrate all your marketing efforts and interweave your digital and physical strategies. They should work together and play off each other, not operate in isolation.
  • Test and learn. No matter how much research you do, sometimes marketing efforts just don’t work – or they don’t work as well as you’d hoped. Set up A/B test versions of all your campaigns, so you can more easily spot what works and what doesn’t. Keep tweaking until you find a strategy that really resonates with your target audience.
  • Get creative with content. Not all marketing has to be done with ad dollars. Use content to attract new customers and sell more products. Social media offers a great platform for this, as does a blog. Developing relationships with journalists and media members can also help.

Are you finding today’s marketing options just a little overwhelming? Don’t throw your money blindly at every new strategy that’s out there. Let Haley Brand’s marketing experts help you determine the absolute best path to success for your business. Contact us today to get started.


5 New Social Tools That Can Improve Your Brand Storytelling

brand storytellingSocial media isn’t just for marketing. Sure, you can talk about your latest sales, product releases and company news on it, but the real power of social runs much deeper than that: It tells your brand’s story.

Storytelling plays a huge role in branding. It’s what hooks people – what entices them and makes them feel like a real, meaningful part of your movement.

Though your website plays a small role in your brand’s storytelling, it’s also mostly static, simply telling how your company started, what it stands for and what you do. While that’s a great start, it’s also a one-time deal. Meaning once people visit the site, they’ve learned all they can about your story. They don’t get to hear that story continue and grow as time goes on.

That’s where social media comes in. With social media, your brand can keep telling its story over and over again – every day, in different ways, with different pictures, quotes and behind-the-scenes looks.
And best of all? Social media keeps evolving. So while using traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter are certainly options, there’s always something new around the bend, offering you a unique opportunity to share your story with the people who care most.

Want to tell your brand’s story via social? Here are some on-trend platforms that can help:

1. Snapchat

In the beginning, Snapchat was simply a way to send quick pics of your life to friends, family and loved ones. Now, businesses across the world are using it to stay in touch with customers, share their day-to-day activities, and give behind-the-scenes looks that make them feel like a true part of the brand. Some businesses, like magazines and news organizations, create “Discover” channels, which include professionally prepared stories with graphics, written content, video and more. Others simply use the platform like any individual would – snapping pictures of products as they hit the shelves, customers in the stores, presentations, or even sharing news and updates via selfie-style videos. Either way is powerful and effective when used regularly.

2. Periscope

Live streaming really hit the ground running in 2015, and Periscope played a big role. With Periscope, you can share live video with your customers as it’s happening – include them in a big company announcement, take them on a tour of your building, or let them experience your holiday party alongside you. It’s an amazing way to make customers feel like they’re right there – taking part in everything your brand does.

3. Blab

With Blab, brand storytelling gets interactive. This unique social tool lets you include up to four faces via video – maybe your CEO and other executives, your customer service team, or just your marketing and PR people. Then, customers can log in and check out your video, asking your presenters questions, commenting and interacting with your brand as the stream is live. Give them answers, talk to them directly and get them involved in real time, right there on the screen.

4. SlideShare

Though SlideShare isn’t as interactive as the other platforms I’ve mentioned, it’s an amazing way to tell your story in a different, more long-lasting medium. With SlideShare, you can take existing blog posts (a huge part of your brand’s story) or any other content you may have and translate it into a visual, scrollable slide show. This can be embedded, downloaded, printed and saved, and customers can come back to it time and time again. Include graphs and imagery, link out to other brand collateral that’s important, and just tell your story as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

5. Hyper

You likely haven’t heard of Hyper yet, and that’s because it’s just now taking off. Like Instagram, Hyper is a photo sharing app – but it’s much stronger at connecting users with interesting content than its predecessor. Hashtags and geotags play a big role in Hyper, helping users find photos and content they’ll like or that’s in their geographic area. The app also includes a voting system that lets users weigh in on the content posted. From a brand perspective, this can be a great way to do market research, get feedback on new products or branding efforts, or just gauge general interest.

Keep your brand’s story fresh and fun by using the latest social media platforms to your advantage. Need help using these sites and apps? Want to make sure your branding’s on point? Contact the branding and marketing experts at Haley Brand Intelligence today.