Happy Native Advertising Year!

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If you’re thinking of using promoted Tweets or Facebook stories, investing in PPC ads or creating advertorials in 2017, you’re in luck: This year is primed to be a banner one in the native advertising world.

While 2016 was the year marketers and advertisers started using native ads on a widespread level, they were still just getting their feet wet. This will be the year native advertising really blows up, and organizations and their employees will realize the true power and potential that native ads offer.

Are you already using native advertising techniques at your company? Do you want to start using them (or expanding on them) in the new year? Here’s what you can look forward to over the next 12 months:

  • Facebook and in-feed videos will expand – Though most people hate having a video auto-play on their Facebook feed or on a website, 2016 has shown that it’s actually a highly effective promotional tool … as long as the video is muted by default. That means companies are going to start using more videos with text, captions and graphics. Check out Tasty’s Facebook page to see what I mean. You can also expect to see more live and 360-degree videos, which Facebook has made popular as well.
  • Tech will make the biggest difference – Emerging technological tools will allow native ads to be more effective, easier to manage and measure, and more targetable.
  • Mobile will come first – When planning native advertising strategies, marketers are going to take a mobile-first approach in 2017, meaning they will design and test around mobile screens and tech first – not second. Visibility on traditional screens will still matter, but it will be advertising accessed on smartphones and tablets that will really be king.
  • Display advertising will drop – The heyday of display ads is over, and content will become the No. 1 way marketers and advertisers reach their target demos. In fact, this year you can expect content strategy to be the foundation on which all other marketing strategies are built.
  • In-house content will decline – More and more organizations are going to realize that creating content in-house just isn’t as effective or efficient as using a pro or agency. Expect to see more content marketing agencies crop up and for more organizations to keep content retainers with experts who really know their stuff.
  • Native ads will get more entertaining – Gone are the days where content is just meant to be informative. With the influx of content on the web, advertorials, Tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts need to be increasingly more and more entertaining to really get noticed.
  • Content will become better tailored – As the use of ad blocking software rises, advertisers and marketers are being forced to get to know their audiences better – and better tailor messaging to suit their needs. The average user can expect to see more relevant native ads as they surf the web in 2017, as long as marketers do their jobs right!

No one can foresee the future, so these are only our predictions, but no matter what happens in 2017, expect to see native advertising more and more as you browse the web. And if you’re looking to market your company or promote your services, make sure you’re educated on the latest native advertising techniques and strategies. It’s truly amazing what technology can do for connecting company and customer, and the industry is advancing daily.

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