Three Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency

profilepicSearch engine optimization (SEO) is engrained in the vernacular of today’s marketers.  However, most marketers only understand the basics of the practice. SEO is a complicated practice that touches on elements of analytics, content development, planning, usability and the ability to stay on top of the ever-changing algorithm rules of the main search engines.

Many companies think “if I have a marketing department, we can do SEO in-house.”  Although you might be able to cover the basics, SEO experts are what it takes to strategically stay ahead of the competition on the right side of the complex search engine rules.

Here are three great reasons to hire an outside SEO agency instead of trying to tackle the job internally:

The Ever-Changing Ways of Algorithms

Believe it or not, the search engines don’t change their ranking requirements and algorithms continually just to drive the average marketer mad. The ongoing updates they make are typically in practice to keep the playing field even and prevent those who are gaming search rankings from continuing to do so.

Because these changes happen frequently and can be quite robust in requirements, working with a professional who focuses on following these updates and knows how to be maneuver these ever-changing waters is absolutely smarter than trying to figure it out and handle it internally.

One Size Does Not Fit All

As with many marketing practices, search engine optimization is focused theory and has variation for implementation by market. What works in search rankings for the food industry, for example, is not going to be what is successful in the aviation or aerospace industry. Each group or niche has its own vernacular, customs, habits and hot buttons. Understanding what these are and how they work most effectively with SEO is what a professional agency will be able to bring to the table.

It Pays to Employ an Agency

One of the biggest reasons companies attempt to handle SEO internally is to save money; however, what they often miss is the true benefit an agency brings. An agency understands white hat practices for SEO; an agency understands the latest algorithm and regulatory changes; an agency understands the ins and outs of your niche; and an agency will be spending their time on the projects that produce results for you. An internal employee, on the other hand, would have to spend so much time staying on top of a successful program it will preclude them from handling other responsibilities, and in the end will cost you money.

Even though there are initial setup costs involved with creating a search engine optimization program with an agency, the increase in traffic, higher sales volumes and relief of the burden of having to attempt to manage the program in house far outweighs the start-up costs, which makes working with an SEO agency truly priceless.